Ray White Insurance – 30 Days Free Gift

By Christy Scholefield

Owning your own home truly is the great Australia dream and in what is such an exciting time for our customers, we love that we can offer 30 days free cover for buyers who are liable from the contract date – saving them time, stress and money!

You may or may not know that our no obligation 30 days free insurance gift is an interim cover available to new Ray White residential property purchasers within Australia. This 30 days insurance interim cover can be utilised pre-settlement which works well for clients who have a settlement period of 30 days or less, it can also be used post settlement.

For clients with a settlement period longer than 30 days, they have the option to take advantage of up-to 90 days free cover period when purchasing an ongoing policy.

Important information about activating 30 Days Free Insurance Gift.

For your client to activate their free insurance gift, they will need to contact Ray White Insurance on 1800 221 773 and speak with one of our Insurance Specialists. Your clients will need to review and understand the policy inclusions set out in the General Advice Warning and be confident that the interim cover policy suits their property and situation. Once the policy has been activated, we will email the policy details and activation reference number confirmation to your client.

Overview of our 30 Days Free Insurance Cover

• It must be activated by the buyer signing the contract by calling 1300 729 944 and an activation code will be issued.

• The sum insured provided is for the cost of rebuilding the purchased property to a maximum of $750,000. Please note that we do not provide building cover on a strata title property where is it managed by a body corporate.

• General fixed contents is limited to cover for loss or damage to floors, ceilings including fixed carpets, curtains or internal blinds to a maximum of $10,000.

• In the event of a claim a $1000 excess is payable.

• This insurance does not provide cover for loss or damage caused by, arising from or in any way connected to flood, however can be provided under a building insurance policy. Full details provided in the PDS.

• Contents with specified limits of cover, specified contents or personal effects are not covered.

• There is a 5 day grace period to activate this cover. This is 5 business days from the date that the contact has been signed.

*Terms and conditions apply*

Find out more

If there are any other insurance questions we can answer for you, speak to your Ray White Adelaide Group agent or please call one of our Insurance Specialists on 1800 221 773 or email

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